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This platform aims at collecting, analysing and use of disaggregated data for evidence-based decision making on SGBV cases in Malawi. The system also aims at addressing challenges that require data/system integrated to avoid fragmentation and improve coordination amongst data producers. It ensures that data ecosystem involves non-state actors, both as users and suppliers of data. The national Observatory Hub allows monitoring trends and patterns of VAWG, SGBV, HP, and SRHR at national level; mapping of all existing SRHR, SGBV, HP, CP national and district level; linking national level gender data management system, national observatory hub, to district level management systems; producing harmonized data collection tools and distribute to 6 districts councils, traditional authorities and communities and strengthening institutions for data management, both software and hardware.

Focus Areas


Get GBV data from villages, courts & Hospitals

SGBV DATA Analysis

Create views from common GBV indicators

SGBV DATA Reporting

Show dashboard using common indicators


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